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One Page Phrasebook

One Page Phrasebook was created by experts of Flarus translation company. Editors and translators who are native speakers of languages participated in the project. We did not have a goal of creating a full-scale phrasebook for all possible cases. It includes only the most essential phrases with translation and transcription.

Just 3 seconds!

When compiling the phrasebook, we were guided by one simple rule - the search for a phrase should not take more than 3 seconds. Our editors were searching for a compromise. If the phrasebook contains a lot of phrases, the search for the necessary phrase takes time and it becomes difficult to uphold the conversation, if it has few, then the proper expression may not be there. As a result, we created phrasebooks of 200 most used phrases in all languages.

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"One Page Phrasebook" - this is your compact, convenient and practical aid in communication